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Companion / In - hand pony available for long term loan

Gorgeous New Forest Gelding
newnham hook
United Kingdom
South East
07950 278497 (Main Phone)
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Gorgeous New Forest Gelding
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New Forest
13.1 Hands
The New Forest Pony Association
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Hard head vs heart decision to end Miller's ridden education and find a loving home as a companion, or someone wanting to show in hand.
This pony has completely come out of his shell and learnt to trust humans again since being with me and after a sketchy start in life. He is the sweetest, quietest little person, easy to do and cheap to keep - unshod and lives off hay/grass. Lives in or out happily with or without company - won't stress if I take my youngster away. Lives happily with mares or geldings and loves playing with the young horses.
He is 13.1hh around 8 years old and registered with the new forest pony society as Millersford Latch.
Lots of pics and can get more videos if needed.

Reason to end his ridden career? Despite months of groundwork, desensitisation and trust work etc he settled enough to be lightly backed in walk and trot but he has a fear switch which can be flicked for no reason where he will blind panic bolt and turn himself into a rodeo pony. I'm not talking the odd buck, he means business and has dumped me twice causing serious injury. Despite having good days where his real potential feels mega, the safety factor is a big issue for me now (and my partner who is the one peeling me off the floor!). I took him on as a winter project (something I do most years) to get out and compete / do clinics on this year which he just won't be suitable for.

Super sad situation and a hard tearful decision for me to make as I'm now so attached to this guy who follows me around the barn most days for attention but I now need to focus on my other horses.

Looking for an experienced loving home where he will still be handled and fussed even if not ridden.
He's a really rewarding pony in the sense that when he bonds with you and gets to know you he's so cute and loving. Long reins wonderfully so could carry on ground work no problem.
Companion Horse
Good to Shoe
Not a novice ride
Good to Box
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