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Bell 15' nine year old intimate novice ride,Irish cob mare

Supersafe, ideal novice ride, confidence giver
United Kingdom
South East
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Supersafe, ideal novice ride, confidence giver
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15.0 Hands
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Meadowstables has the pleasure of offering bell upforsale our stunning full up 15" hand nine year old Irish cob mare forsale, bell is the ultimate confidence giver the ultimate novice ride Iff your looking to gain confidence and get yourself back out there riding again then bell is your horse! Bell has three steady paces in the school she has great breaks and ridden in a happy mouth bite!! In the school bell is super safe and genuine she has excellent confirmation three easy paces and is very forgiving of her riders! A complete novice could ride her and feel super safe and at ease! She's happily being ridden at the end of the buckle and is a real easy mare to ride! She's great over the trotting poles and has an honest jump on her she's bold and brave and well hunted over in Ireland she takes ditches,hedges,gates with ease and can be hunted by a novice! Hacking out bell hacks out alone or in company she's not phased by heavy traffic or farm machinery a bomb could could off next to her and she wouldn't be bothered!! She's great hacking out in all ways happy to plod along all day long on the busiest of roads or step it up a gear when asked! She's the type of cob that gives you so much confidence she waits patiently at the mountain block why you mount waits for you to adjust your seat and sturips and is a real pleasure to ride you just feel totally at ease! In open fields including out X country bell is always willing to please remains super safe and steady around other horses and jumps what you ask of her! Bell happily goes threw water and will turn and leave the pack and ride away with no fuss! Bell is a full up mare nice leg in each corner type a comftable ride and well established in all disciplines. I have recently clipt bell and she was a star to clip just stood there but she does have a few old scabs on her body that have heeled over lovley maybe hunting scabs?this mare has no lumps or bumps and very clean legs she's open to vetting and blood tests and comes with a 14 day guarantee. As shown in my video my seven year old son rides her around the school unattended the children love her she loves being made a fuss of and can be handled and led around the yard by the children she has the most calm loving attitude and she really is a pleasure to have on my yard.
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